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How much time it will take to get SEO results?

SEO is a time taking process and there is no fix time period for SEO results. But we will get good results within 6 to 8 months.

How much time it will take to develop a website?

It's depend on client's need and requirements. If there is a informational website than it will take ten day or if it is a dynamic website with more than 12 pages than it will take 20 days. For portal and e-commerce website it will around one month.

Which is better SEO or PPC ?

If you want to get fast results than PPC is good but for long term SEO is better. PPC (Pay Per Click) is costlier than SEO.

What is URL?

Universal Resource Locator is the address of a file on the internet.

What is Web Hosting?

It is a service that allows website owners to make their website accessible via World Wide Web.

What does website usability mean?

It directly associated with the user experience.

Which platforms do you develop the website?

We develop the websites on PHP, Laravel, HTML, WordPress and many more.

My website is developed on WordPress and can I have it on different platform?

Yes, we can develop the website. If you want the same design we can do that as well.

What type of android app developed by Digital Webspot?

We developed android, IOS and windows app.

Which social sites are covered in Social Media Marketing ?

We promote your website on all social sites like Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and facebook.

Do you submit the monthly report to clients?

We regularly report our clients with all data and report. Also we provide tracking report for online marketing.

Will my website be mobile responsive?

Yes of course, it will be mobile friendly. Our moto is to provide the mobile friendly/responsive websites to the customers.

If I will develop my website with you and I want some changes after 8 months, is it possible?

Yes, It is possible. We offer the 1 Year free maintenance for the website. And for us after sale service is the more important than any other thing.

Is hosting service free with the website development?

No, hosting service is different thing. You have to pay different amount for the hosting service, which is quiet nominal.

What will be the load time of website?

Load time refers to the time in which the website loads in any According to the Google algorithms, it should be 5 sec. And we make sure it will be less than 5 sec.

My budget is quiet low, is it possible for me to develop a good website?

Yes, it is possible. Our website range starts from 4999 only.

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